List of amateur sites

This is a list of amateur sites.

Amateur sites recommended site ranking TOP 3

1st placeAmateur Chudoku
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A site that distributes a wealth of uncensored amateur pornographic videos by individuals and popular pornographers, as well as uncensored pornographic videos of ex-gradols, leaked pornographic videos of popular cosplayers, and other bad videos.The attractive thing about this site is that the fee is very cheap at $18/month (2520 yen). Highly recommended.

2nd placenatural daughter
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This site has many young and cute girls, and is the most recommended adult video site specialized in uncensored amateur pornography.

3rd placeAssistance dating mechamehame movie
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Recently, it has been distributing a lot of dangerous movies such as uncensored amateur pornographers’ movie works, leaked movies, indecent movies of porn distributors who were arrested for indecent distribution, and pornographic movies that were suspended due to personal exposure. In December 2020, the price was reduced to half of the previous price of $24 (3,360 yen) per month, which is a very cheap level.If you want to watch amateur pornography and other bad videos at a cheap price, I highly recommend this service.

List of amateur sites

Site Name Rating Price per month
(Calculated at $1=140 yen)
⇒ Amateur Chudoku (highly recommended) 18 USD (2520YEN)
⇒ NATURAL MUSUME (Highly recommended) $39 (5460Yen)
⇒ Assistance dating mechamehame movie (highly recommended) 24 USD (3360JPY)
⇒ white frame (Highly recommended) 3980 yen
⇒ U-NEXT(Adult) (Highly recommended) 2189 yen (tax included)
⇒ H-NEXT (Highly recommended) 990 yen (excl. tax)
⇒ TOKYO-HOT (Highly recommended) 5000 yen
⇒ Etch 4610 (Recommended) 48 USD (6720JPY)
⇒ Amateur who gets horny~! (Recommended) 39 USD (5460YEN)
⇒ Hey Video ](Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ CLUB-XXX (Recommended) 20 USD (2800 JPY)
⇒ Street Gals (Recommended) 39 USD (5460YEN)
⇒ Javholic ](Recommended) 9.99 USD (1398.6 JPY)
⇒ Motto AV (Recommended) 38 USD (5320YEN)
⇒ FC2 Contents Market
Adult Movie
(Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ 6ms ](Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
28 dollars (3920 yen)
⇒ Gcolle ](Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ Ichiban Spear (Hey Video) (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ REAL STREET ANGELS (Normal) 2850 yen
⇒ Gachinko! (Hey Video) (Normal) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ O-oku – Forbidden Room (Normal) 69 US dollars (9660 yen)
⇒ Honsei Amateur TV (Hey Video) (Normal) 38 US dollars (5320 yen)
⇒ Daughter Rape White Paper (Normal) 26 US dollars (3640 yen)
⇒ Pinky ](Normal) 45.00(6300 yen)
⇒ Drum Can .

(somewhat dissatisfied)

36 USD (5040JPY)
⇒ AV Market Closed -[199103


⇒ Doragon8 Closed -[19191111
⇒ AV-oriented Closed -[199115
⇒ Nukenna! (Hey Video Monthly) Closed -[1999118
⇒ J Amateur Paradise Closed -[19999121
⇒ DMS (Digital Media Station) Closed -[1999124
⇒ 1000 slayers Closed -[1999127
⇒ Onna no ko Daisuki (Hey Movie) Closed -[199130
⇒ Video aspirant Closed -[19991313