List of PPV (single-part sales) sites

This is a list of PPV sites.

PPV (single-part sales) Recommendation site ranking TOP3

1st place ⇒ Hey Video

More than 30,000 videos provided by outside labels, groups, and individual pimps, mainly from sites that are members of D2Pass, such as “” and “HEYZO”. Sometimes, bad works such as backdoor leaks and works featuring TV personalities are also distributed.

2nd place ⇒ Premium

This site offers a large number of uncensored works, including complete versions of works distributed on DTI-affiliated adult video sites such as “,” “HEYZO,” and “Ippondou,” as well as works that have not yet been distributed.

3rd place ⇒ FC2 Contents Market Adult

This is a site where more than 400,000 adult videos posted by individual pornographers and indie labels of adult videos are distributed. There are also uncensored leaked domestic porn videos and videos secretly taken by gravure idols, etc.

Site Name Rating Price per month
(Calculated at $1=140 yen)
⇒ Hey Video ](Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ Premium (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ FC2 Contents Market
(Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ FANZA (former DMM.R18) (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ DUGA (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ SOKMIL (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ Gcolle ](Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ MGS Videos (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ Ichiban Spear (Hey Video) (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ Gachinko! (Hey Video) (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ Exposure Training Sakura Project (Recommended) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ TVdeAV ](Normal) PPV (charged per video)
⇒ HEYZO PPV(Single Movie) Closed -[199066
⇒ Shirohame (Hey Movie) Closed -[199069