Credit card payments in U.S. dollars

Payments for paid, uncensored adult video sites are oftendenominated in U.S. dollarsThe reason for this is that the company itself is an overseas corporation. The reason for this is that in order to distribute uncensored videos, it is necessary to place the servers overseas, and the company itself is an overseas corporation.


However, even though they are denominated in dollars, credit card payments are automatically converted at the rate of the day and settled.No special procedures are required.Simply use your credit card to pay for the transaction, just as you would if you were buying something in yen on a domestic site such as Amazon. The transaction will be automatically converted at the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the yen.

I have recently been working on a new project called “Caribbean.comIf you have a choice between dollar payment and yen payment, you should choose the one with the lower fee based on the exchange rate at that time.

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