List of scatological Japanese porn sites

This is a list of scatological sites.

Scatology Recommendation Site Ranking TOP3

1st placeshithead
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[簡易レビュー] This is a site that distributes uncensored movies of women defecating. They are very particular about the defecation scene, such as taking a close-up shot of a woman defecating from a low angle from a slightly elevated position. Moreover, since the videos are uncensored, you can clearly see the feces coming out of the anus.If you want to see uncensored female feces (defecation) scenes, this is the best choice.

2nd placeDUGA
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DUGA is a domestic PPV (pay-per-view) site that offers more than 100,000 adult videos.There are more than 5,000 scatology movies available on this site.

3rd placeKing Mania
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This is a site that distributes a lot of maniacal adult movies.It also distributes a variety of uncensored scatological videos.

Site Name.RatingPrice per month
(Calculated at $1=140 yen)
shithead(Highly recommended)68 USD (9520YEN)
DUGA(Recommended)PPV (charged per video)
King of Mania(Recommended)98 USD (13720JPY)
(Scatology)(Hey Movie)
(Normal)PPV (charged per video)