H-NEXT Evaluation Review & Impressions and Detailed Data

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Flat-rate all-you-can-watch adult video service” launched at the end of April 2020.H-NEXTThis page introduces the following information about

Evaluation (Recommendation level)

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Rating Review & Comments

H-NEXT, a “flat-rate all-you-can-watch adult video service,” began service at the end of April 2020, and viewing codes are now on sale from Amazon to rave reviews.

■Services available in the adult category of U-NEXT

This “H-NEXT” service allows users to use only the adult category of “U-NEXT” at a slightly discounted rate.

Amazon only sells only the viewing code, which is in the form of a video on the U-NEXT website. Therefore, if you do not have a U-NEXT account, you will need to create a new one.

Please refer to the following page for U-NEXT’s adult category.

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■Distributed Movies

H-NEXT” is a service that allows users to view the adult category of “U-NEXT,” so more than 45,000 adult videos are available for unlimited viewing, and a wide variety of popular AV actress works from popular Japanese AV labels such as “Prestige” and “SOD” are distributed. In addition, the latest works of “FALENO,” a U-NEXT-affiliated AV label, are exclusively distributed in advance.

And the AV actresses exclusive to FALENO are of a very high level. Since 2020, big popular actresses such as “Yoshitaka Nene,” “Tenshi Moe,” “Hashimoto Arina,” “Konan Minori,” and “Shiina Sora” have become exclusive FALENO members, further upgrading the level.

Until July 2020, “FALENO” had full unlimited access to the latest movies, but unfortunately, the latest “FALENO” movies from August 2020 are now PPV (pay per view) like the other labels.

In addition to pornographic films, more than 10,000 amateur films and more than 700 erotic animated films are available for unlimited viewing.

More than 2,000 amateur works from “MGS Video” such as “Shirouto TV” are available for unlimited viewing.

■Distribution Format

The delivery format is streaming only, the same as U-NEXT.

Although it is streaming only, it is high quality and compatible with numerous multiple devices, so it can easily be viewed on PCs, smartphones, tablets, but also on TVs, game consoles such as PlayStation 4, and HDD recorders, so it is quite easy to use and satisfying even if you cannot download it.

■About the fee

H-NEXT’s fee is 1089 yen (including tax) for 30 days, 3267 yen (including tax) for 90 days, and 6534 yen (including tax) for 180 days, which is 1000 yen cheaper than U-NEXT’s monthly fee. The monthly fee is ¥1,000 cheaper than U-NEXT, which is reasonable since there are no general titles and only adult titles. However, users who only want to watch adult movies will appreciate this service.

The original U-NEXT offers only an auto-renewal plan for 2,189 yen/month (tax included), but H-NEXT’s viewing codes released on Amazon are available for longer periods of 90 days and 180 days, in addition to 30 days.

However, the long-term viewing code does not seem to offer any particular monetary savings. Since it is in the form of an externally purchased viewing code, it may be that the long-term viewing code is provided for users who want to use the service for a long period of time from the beginning, without automatic continuation.

If direct subscription from H-NEXT becomes available in the future, it may be in the form of automatic continuation at a monthly fee of 1,089 yen (tax included), similar to U-NEXT.

In terms of price, 1089 yen/month (including tax) for this content is quite inexpensive.

■What is the free trial period?

U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial for new users, but H-NEXT does not seem to offer a free trial without any announcement so far.

However, H-NEXT is a service that allows you to watch only the adult category of U-NEXT, so for now, you can use the 31-day free trial on U-NEXT to enjoy the adult contents, and if you like it, you can use H-NEXT.

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Although it is streaming only, the monthly price of 1,089 yen (including tax) for unlimited access to more than 40,000 domestic pornographic movies is quite unbeatable, and the cost performance is extremely high, making it an unqualified recommendation.


Over 45,000 titles from popular Japanese porn labels, including popular AV actresses, are available for unlimited viewing.
The latest attractive exclusive titles are also available.
The lineup of popular domestic AV labels is available for unlimited viewing as early as half a year after the release.
More than 10,000 amateur titles are available for unlimited viewing.
More than 2,000 MGS movies, including Shirouto TV, are available for unlimited viewing.
The price is an unbeatable 1089 yen/month (including tax) for all this content.

High quality streaming.
The streaming is only for streaming, but it is easy to use with many multi-device compatibility.

Streaming only.
No uncensored works.

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Detailed data

Site Name H-NEXT
Distribution genre AV General / Amatuer / Anime
Fee Structure Flat monthly fee / PPV (charged per video)
Number of videos (Adult) Total number of videos: approx. 63,000

All-you-can-watch movies: approx. 46,000

Modified or not With modifications
Download Capacity Limit Unlimited
Smartphone support status Supported


Fees All-you-can-watch for 30 days: 1089 yen (tax included)
90 days unlimited viewing: 3,267 yen (tax included)
All-you-can-watch for 180 days: 6534 yen (tax included)
Payment Method Purchase viewing code (serial code) on Amazon
Credit card / E-money / Convenience store payment / Amazon gift / etc.
Supported Credit Cards VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners
Credit Card Payment Company Amazon
Credit card statement AMAZON.CO.JP” will appear on your credit card statement.
There is no indication that this is an adult site.

How to Join

1. Go to the H-NEXT product page on Amazon and click the “Add to Cart” button.

2. Receive an email after purchasing an item.

3. Access the “Game & PC Software Download Library” listed in the e-mail.

4. Copy the viewing code from the download library and click the “Use Code” button.

5. On the “Online Viewing Code Registration Page,” if you do not have a U-NEXT account, click “For First-Time Users. If you have a U-NEXT account, click “For U-NEXT account holders”.

6. If you do not have a U-NEXT account, you can create a free account to use the service and start watching videos.

How to Cancel

No cancellation procedure is required and the subscription will be automatically cancelled after the number of days of the purchased viewing code (serial code) has elapsed.

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