Security of credit card use

Many people are concerned about using credit cards when using pay-per-use adult sites.
Here we will discuss the safety of using credit cards on paid adult sites.

1. How safe are credit cards?

In order to use credit card payment, there is a strict screening process by credit card payment agencies. Adult sites that accept credit card payments have passed the screening process and are as safe as major sites such as Amazon and Rakuten. In addition, all of the adult video sites introduced on this site have a credit card agency between them, and their safety has been verified. However, even major sites such as Amazon are not 100% safe. You should be aware that there is as much risk as those sites.

2. How to check the security of a page

When you enter an input form or input page, first check the URL in the address bar of the page. Normal pages are“http://”The URL of the personal information input page on a reputable site should start with “https://”. In this case, the communication is encrypted and secure. If the URL does not begin with“https://”If the site does not begin with “”, it is likely to be a dangerous site and should not be used.

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