Why do you recommend a pay site?

The dangers and disadvantages of free adult sites areThe dangers of free adult websitesIn the section
I have explained.
With that in mind, let me explain the advantages of a pay site. (The sites explained here are paid adult video sites with servers located overseas that offer unlimited downloading of adult videos for a fixed monthly fee.)

The advantages of pay sites include the following six

1.Fees are reasonable.
2.You can watch uncensored adult movies.
3. High safety
4. save time
5. High quality of video

6. Available from anywhere with a PC and internet access

1.Low cost!

The price of the paid adult video sites with overseas servers introduced on this site is about 2,000-5,000 yen per month. For this price, you can download more than 1,000 videos as many as you want. (Major sites have more than 2000 videos.) If you download 3 videos a day, you will get 90 videos a month. If you rent this number of videos, it will cost you nearly 30,000 yen. In addition, you have to return the rented videos. In contrast, you don’t have to return them if you are using a paid adult video site, and the videos on paid adult video sites with servers overseas are basically DRM-free, so once you download them to your PC, you can watch them whenever you want.

2. Uncensored adult video clips are available.

Movies on adult sites with servers overseas are completely uncensored. This is because if the server is overseas, foreign laws apply and mosaic is not required. And legally speaking, there is no problem because it is not illegal to possess uncensored adult videos for personal use. It is necessary to put mosaic only in the case of adult videos on sites with servers in Japan or adult videos recorded on DVDs sold in Japan.

3. High safety

Dangers of Free Adult SitesAs explained in section 3.1, free adult sites are full of dangers.
In contrast, the paid sites introduced on this site have been confirmed to be safe. You will not be scammed or infected with viruses or spyware. Consider part of the fee for paid adult video sites as a security fee.

4. Save time.

Dangers of free adult sitesAs explained in the section on “The Dangers of Free Adult Sites,” most free adult sites will lead you to a series of deceptive links, and even if you get to the video you are looking for, it will most likely be a disappointing video. It is a total waste of your time. How much would you make per hour? If that is the case, it is definitely more efficient to go to a pay site and quickly download your favorite videos whenever you want. You can also save time by not having to go back and forth to rent or return the videos you have rented.

5. High quality of video

Compared to the shabby videos on free sites, the quality of videos on pay sites is much better. Also, as mentioned above, videos on sites with overseas servers are basically uncensored. The picture quality is also high, and even pores can be seen in some of them. The quality of the actresses is also quite high. The genres range from popular actresses to amateurs, mature women, voyeurism, and other maniacal genres. You can choose whatever you want from them.

6. Available from anywhere as long as you have a PC and Internet access.

As long as you have a PC and an Internet environment, you can download adult videos anywhere in the world, including Japan and overseas. You don’t have to worry at all even if you have to live overseas due to a job transfer.

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