Dangers of Free Japanese Porn Sites

The world is full of free adult sites.
For the users, it is very nice to be able to watch adult videos for free.
Just think about it. Who would spend their valuable time and effort to create and update a website without getting anything in return? No, of course not. (No, of course not.
They are trying to collect money from users who have accessed the site in some way.

Some of the characteristics of free sites include

1. Sites that lead you to a pay site after you have been led around by deceptive links.
2. Illegal websites that plant click fraud, viruses, or spyware.

1. Sites that lead you to pay sites after you have been led around by deceptive links.

This is a pattern in which you click on a link to an adult video, but you never get to the desired video, and before you know it, you are being directed to a pay site. In order to view the video, you have to join the pay site. It would be fine if you join a paid site after you are convinced, but if you join in this way, you will lose the opportunity to compare many paid sites. You should join a site after determining the price, the quality of the videos, and whether it is really the right site for you. Also, even if you are lucky enough to get to the desired free video after being passed around, you will most likely find that the video is quite disappointing when you actually watch it. This is a complete waste of time. Time is money, but how much money would you have made if you had worked all the time you spent on adult sites looking for that video? You have wasted your money for that time.

2. Illegal sites that plant click fraud, viruses, and spyware.

This is a really dangerous type of fraud in which you find yourself being charged a fee. The most famous type of fraud is the “one-click” or “two-click” fraud, in which the user simply clicks “OK” or “two clicks” on a suspicious window and is charged a fee for registering. If you are infected with a virus or spyware, you will be constantly presented with a window asking for payment, and your personal information, passwords, and credit card information may be stolen. If a suspicious window opens, do not click on it and close it with the “X” button. Never visit that site again. It is very dangerous.

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