List of anime-related sites

This is a list of anime-related sites.

Anime-related Recommendation Site Ranking TOP3

1st placeH AnimeZ
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AnimeZ is a site that distributes a variety of erotic anime, from uncensored to newer works with mosaics. The price is comparatively cheap.Currently, it is the most recommended among the fixed monthly fee ero-anime sites.

2nd placeU-NEXT(Adult)
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[簡易レビュー]More than about 800 pornographic anime available for unlimited viewing.In total, approximately 2,000 titles are available for download. In addition, more than 40,000 popular domestic pornographic movies are available for unlimited viewing. In addition, general contents (animation, movies, and dramas) are more substantial than adult contents. The fee is a low monthly fee of 2,189 yen (including tax) for all this content.This is the most recommended site recently. And since you can try it for free for 31 days, we recommend you to try it for free anyway.

3rd placeH-NEXT
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[簡易レビュー]A service to watch only adult categories on U-NEXT for as low as 1089 yen/month (tax included).Like U-NEXT, more than 800 erotic anime are available for unlimited viewing. For now, it is best to try the 31-day free trial service of “U-NEXT” and join H-NEXT again if you want to continue watching only the adult category.

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Anime Site List

Site Name Rating Price per month
(Calculated at $1=140 yen)
⇒ H AnimeZ (highly recommended) $39 (5460Yen)
⇒ U-NEXT(Adult) (Highly recommended) 2189 yen (tax included)
⇒ H-NEXT (Highly recommended) 1089 yen (tax included)